Thoughts | Against the Contrarian

Let’s define the Contrarian!

Contrarian singular, n., An individual who contradicts popular belief despite any empirical basis for his/her opinion.
Casual Movie Goer: Batman V Superman is nice movie, I’d like to see how DC would follow up with the Wonder Woman movie next!
Contrarian Critique: Batman V Superman is a terrible movie beyond all reason. There is nothing to love about it, and anybody who enjoys this piece of trash is beyond doubt devoid of taste in movies.

And have you ever met a Contrarian before? If you did, I feel sorry for you. Because they are terrible people to be around with. Contrarians exhibit an emptiness with in them where they just have to reject everything that doesn’t conform to their way of seeing things (regardless of how delusional they may be!).

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Thoughts | An Essay on Drug Use Offenders in the Philippines & Democracy

So I was writing a draft for ‘Thoughts‘ post on the history of Philippine Democracy, and I was just overwhelmed by how much information I need to put in the post to detail the struggle of the Philippine people to achieve the freedom to choose a leader that denies it’s citizens the right of due process.

But I just get stressed.

With the lack of empathy among the people, the misinterpretation of the law, the rewriting of history. It boils my most basic beliefs, because as a student of Philippine History, I am disgusted by how the recent news is being reacted on by certain individuals. I love history, I read about the early Indios Bravos and their becoming Taong Malaya due to the perseverance of the Filipino spirit.

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Thoughts | The Price of an Aston Martin

Let’s get things straight: when I get to Finland, I will not be like the typical expat/immigrant who earns to live.

That would be extremely depressing, because I know the lives of people like that. The typical Filipino Overseas Worker lives terribly in a foreign country trying to make each pay check work so that enough money can be sent back to the Philippines. And when they get back here, they live like kings and spend their hard earned cash because the value just got multiplied 50 times.

The minimum wage in Europe is around 1 700€ net, and the current exchange rate to ₱83,000. The average income is roughly 16 to 20,000₱, so having 4 times that makes the common Pinoy feel super rich when they get back home. But reality will set in, and he/she will spend another year in a difficult job just so that he or she can have a life of luxury for 1 to 2 months later.

But that is the Filipino dream. We have a saying called “abutin ang ginhawa ng buhay sa sipag at tiyaga“. It means that one should aim for a comfortable life by working hard and diligently (not direct translation). And that is a fallacy.

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Thoughts | The Biggest Mistakes in DC Rebirth

I think I’ve mentioned in a tumblr post when it was announced, about how Geoff Johns did some major pandering with the direction of DC with the new rebranding after DC You which was Rebirth.

As a fan, the message I got from the video announcement was:

“Alright! New 52 didn’t work out because instead of respecting the legacy of the characters but more in tune with a modern audience like Scott Snyder in the Batman titles. And the pandering with Convergence didn’t work out as well (because the build up led to an ending that made every story pointless), and DCYou is just us telling you that we’re giving up on creative narratives. But don’t worry! Everything wrong with New 52 will be surgically removed but without the anesthetic to help reduce the pain. And we’re calling it Rebirth

But as I got to read the titles since Rebirth, I have to admit I’m pretty surprised. Instead of having another cosmic event that restarted time and space, the DC Universe actually took the New 52 stories and transformed it into something actually interesting. Hardly anything was discarded and the stories of the previous years since New 52 remains relevant. And I have to give credit where credit is due, and DC did an amazing job thus far.

Though it isn’t all praises, as Rebirth made some painful story decisions that just made me wonder: “why did that happen?”. SO this post is about those poor decisions DC made with the narrative of Rebirth so far.


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