Skills | How to Gamify your Life

HOW DO YOU SET GOALS? I’ve had that problem for years now, as documented in this blog. And it has been really difficult keeping to a path because of boredom and fading interest on the goal. But for the past few weeks I actually found a way to help me with that, but I can’t say for certain that it’s a good help. However, it does hit something close to my heart that I may just follow through on this one.

LifeRPG is one of those gamification apps you can find in the app store. It has a very minimalistic design, but it isn’t as popular as Habitica. I prefer this one over the other because I don’t have to put my journey up on social media and the ever judging eyes of my inner circle (don’t ask me why I keep such friends).

But the app still serves the same purpose. Categorize your daily milestones into¬†quests¬†and gain experience for completing them. And I have been doing fine so far. Sure there are a lot quests that isn’t done or started, but I’ve managed to level up a few skills since I first started. And here is how I’ve done things so far:

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