Daily Stoic | The Grand Parade of Desire

“Robbers, perverts, killers, and tyrants—gather for your inspection their so-called pleasures!”


Marcus declares that those who invites us to indulge in their pleasures are commonly those we don’t wish to associate with, or worse, to emulate. In so many times a day, we are interacting with people who invite us to share their pleasures.

But as a Stoic? What should I do?

Too often, I will hear other people’s opinions about how to live my life, and in a lot of cases they will be very convincing.

I experience this with regards to my career choices, about how this “amazing opportunity” will allow me to live a millionaire’s life. And I almost bit into this, to have the ability to do whatever I wanted because I had to capital to do so. But like all get-quick-rich schemes, the truth was never as pretty.

These entrepreneurs used marketing tactics that scared the hell out of me, because of how aggressive and manipulative they were.

The pleasures peddled by people can sometimes be coming from a source from which certain sacrifices of character must be made. When virtue is disregarded for the end goal of feeling good having good things.

But is feeling good worth it? At what cost am I having these things?

A Stoic values virtue over all things, courage, justice, & temperance.

When I engage in certain pleasures, do I give up virtue? That is the question I must always ask when dealing with peddlers of indulges.


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