Daily Stoic | Nero Burned Down Rome, How About Me?

Seneca talks about the duality of the soul today. Where in one that is uncontrolled, over-indulged and fueled by desire is likened to a tyrant, and it’s opposite is that of a king. A Stoic therefore must strive towards becoming a king, who is benevolent and rules with virtue.

The question that remains is: “How?”

I have never really considered my soul as a ruler of anything, but that metaphor can go a long way in defining who I want to be. For if I treat it like a King (in terms of Plato through Socrates in the Republic probably), what should I strive for?

What are my standards? What do I uphold? Do I live by those standards? Do I truly uphold those beliefs?

In a lot of ways, I feel like I don’t. For example, today I did accomplished one chore and I feel like that was enough, and I didn’t have to do anymore. And now I feel like shit, I’ve been sitting all day watching TV and accomplished so little.

Boredom is killing me, and I need a new hobby.

So what can I do? I have to keep busy, and not let my mind wander that I become unable to experience life.

That is why today, I start to throw myself out there and work online. Sure, for the next couple of days, nothing will happen, but you’ll never know. The least I could do is not be stagnant, I have a lot things I want to do with my life and waiting around for something to happen is beneath a king. And demanding that life give me anything is too much like a tyrant.


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