Daily Stoic | A Grey Area Does Exist!

This is an open letter to myself

Dear self,

You may have noticed that your online activity in forums have been very engaging to you, and that each new thread opens up a discussion that triggers your mind, and the conversations are things you have been seeking from your peers for a long time, but never gotten.

You have been active in sharing your opinions, answering questions, giving questions, and other forms of communication, and after a month, I think there is something that you should acknowledge as soon as possible.

The forums are turning into an addiction.

You spend so much time browsing, and reading comments and articles about current events, jokes, personal finance, and other topics; and you actually benefited from some of them. But also take note that you also spend a lot of time, commenting your opinions on certain matters, using 20 to 30 minutes composing the best argument only to delete it all together and just type in a short sentence.

You spend more time getting angry at people’s opinions, or getting riled up by news, that whenever you put in your two cents, you become tense and frantic, refreshing your dashboard, to see if any people down voted your post.

Can’t you see!? You’ve been played! With the same game mechanics that got you hooked to Brave Frontier, and other Skinner Box games, that award points to meaningless tasks. Now you are more concerned about getting more and more points, when in the grand scheme of things, you are not impressing these people online.

You are still clinging to that comment you made that got 94 upvotes, and now you’re struggling because the best you can do is 7. Now you’re having paranoid delusions, that there is this ONE GUY who is downvoting your posts for no reason because you argued with him in the past.

Can’t you see!? That having these opinions and tossing them around is just giving you more stress than you actually need? Your opinion doesn’t matter, neither do theirs. Having a witty retort does not make you a better person, it makes you petty, because what you value is not something that allows you live according to nature & to reason.

Having an opinion that you need other to acknowledge is not STOIC. It’s pathetic, and you should get a hold of yourself, and don’t let this get you aggravated or passionately angry.

You are a Stoic, and an opinion gathers more problems for you to manage. Remember Marcus:

“We have the power to hold no opinion about a thing and to not let it upset our state of mind—for things have no natural power to shape our judgments.”

— Meditations , 6.52


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