Daily Stoic | Does Crying Help?

Stoics are all about manliness. Though, in my reading, it’s never really defined, and it’s hard to really put together for a personal insight on how to be manly?

That’s why I take my information from the Art of Manliness, but even Brett McKay has yet to tackle the concept of the Crying Man. And this is the reflection of the day, with a little bit of shame.

“You cry, ‘I’m suffering severe pain!‘ Are you then relieved from feeling it, if you bear it in an unmanly way?”


What happens when I cry or complain? That’s what Seneca wants me to think about today. And what do I answer? When I complain about life, nothing happens, nothing changes, so I wasted time I guess.

Crying accomplishes nothing, it’s a power move that fishes for sympathy, and it’s a power move that borrows strength. And whenever someone borrows strength, one becomes dependent and thus stunts one’s growth.

Crying is only done by the weak, and it’s a universal sign for weakness and incapability. Maybe when Seneca says crying is unmanly, it just means incapable. And as a Stoic, I must not be incapable.

And thanks to my Stoic training, I feel like I do complain less, or at least I spend less time dwelling on emotions that make me unmanly.


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