Daily Stoic | Seek Peace not War

Do we purposefully place ourselves in situation that places our peace of mind at risk?

That is today’s reflection, and sometimes I wonder if I do simply engage in discussions where I know I will be angry, or frustrated. Like when I talk to people in forums where the thread is very toxic and could lead to very heated discussions. Like anybody, I do stand on one side of an issue, and there are times when the thread is leaning against my position.

When I’m mobbed by comments, do I stand by my opinion and fight it out, or do I withdraw?

“I don’t agree with those who plunge headlong into the middle of the flood and who, accepting a turbulent life, struggle daily in great spirit with difficult circumstances. The wise person will endure that, but won’t choose it—choosing to be at peace, rather than at war.”


Recently I’ve learned painfully, that arguments on the internet are pointless. There are no winners, because opinions are just another spew thrown in the vastness of information in the internet. Why stand by a pointless argument?

So I’ve decided that I will never engage in internet arguments anymore, because why choose to be in a situation where I can only get angry or annoyed?

A Stoic chooses peace, and does not intentionally place himself in situations where he is forced to be at war, when the war has no meaningful end.


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