Journal | Being Very UnStoic Today

I don’t have much to be proud of personally, but if there is one aspect of my person that I can brag about is that: I am a Student of History. I love studying the past, because of the stories of heroes being heroes, and uncovering the stories of the things we see today. And as my patriotism grows stronger as I grow older, I have always valued the importance of history with regards to one’s national identity.

I mean, can you really call yourself a “Makabayan” (tr. Patriot) if you deny history for something else? And I am very passionate about this. Which I shouldn’t be, because as I have learned today, passion clouds judgement and ability to see reason.

I’m introduced into several posts regarding politics (a very inflammatory topic here in the PH right now), and with regards to current events, everybody can have an opinion because the truth is still easily accessible. But when I’m deliberately hooked into a discussion regarding Ferdinand Marcos.

That name is infamous in Philippine History, and the dictatorial reign is even known worldwide. History has been recorded more than enough to present a case, that during Martial Law Period, hundreds (if not thousands) of human rights violations were committed, and the entire country was in an a stand-still economically.

And the discussion in the comment section hinted towards the Ferdinand Marcos as the best President the Philippines ever had.

AND in my head, I exploded.

How could people think this? The financial debt of the Philippines came from that regime, and we are still paying the debt until today!

So I made my argument and just ignored the whole thread all together, but my anger was carried through out the rest of the day, and it spread towards other things and I ended up making other people angry as well, and as I’m typing this, I’m still anxious because I keep thinking about what I typed down in those forums.

Messages that stemmed out of anger, and it never solved anything.

It goes to show, just how much more training I need in Stoic Philosophy. I am not yet the Stoic I am supposed to be at this point in my life, but taking note of this lapse is a good way to keep things in check during my progress.



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