Daily Stoic | Why Should I be Anxious?

Anxiety is a theme of the past few days for me.

Anxious of my future, anxious of my day, anxious of myself. So many uncertainties, that leaves question in my head that need answering. Will I be okey tomorrow? I ask myself sometimes, and the likely answer is Yes.

Contemplating on what I don’t have or know yet is a big problem. Because it leaves me wanting, and desire is something that a Stoic must control. Everybody has desires, but a Stoic is above it. The drive of a Stoic is to be a better version of himself, and what a Stoic wants is insignificant compared to becoming. Supposedly.

So my wants should be beneath the grand scheme of things, so why should I be anxious?

In reflecting with my current mood, I made an assessment of what I want lately:

  1. I want to leave for work soon, and I fear that there may be some hindrances towards me starting my next job.
  2. I want present a nice impression for people I interact with online, and I fear that my opinions could cause some backlash I’m not ready to handle.

So how should I think about this?

My new job is pretty much in the bag, and all I have to do is wait. There is no reason that I could think off that would stop me from starting the job. So why should I be anxious? Time is out of my control, and the only thing I could do is wait, so I will wait.


People online have a short attention span. Whatever none-sense I may post online will eventually get lost in fast paced movement of information in the forums. If I made a not so likeable message, it’s out there already and in a few days won’t matter anymore. And nobody reads the names, so why should I be anxious? In a few months, you’ll be posting and commenting again, so everything is actually fine.

And as I finish contemplating that, I actually feel fine. So Accept Reality. When I want something, but reality should be a way to suppress it until such time that the want is warranted, because I can get what I want already.

So a STOIC does not want. A STOIC recognizes his opportunities, and does not let inconvenience of insignificant events bother with his state of mind. A STOIC is always in control, and being in control removes the need for anxiety.


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