Journal | ‘Daily Stoic’ January Progress Report

January: The Month for Clarity.

The meditation of month focused on clarity which means being able to see things for what they are. Which is basically the first skill of the Stoic. Because as ones who adopted the philosophy, having your thoughts grounded on reason & truth is important. Stoics can’t be persuaded by rumor, because reality is dictated by what can be tested by reason in accordance to the natural order.

Once a Stoic recognizes that the universe has it’s rules (PHYSICS), interpreting them (LOGIC) and living by them (ETHICS) will immediately follow.

So for this month, have I gained clarity?


Day 1 began with recognizing the first reality, which is of CHOICE. That in the great scheme of things, the only thing which I have REAL CONTROL is with my mind, and my ability to choose. To choose how to feel, which in turn how to act, and of course then how to react. I can’t choose my circumstance, my advantages, or my disadvantages. But despite being trapped within the confines of the system, I still have an awesome power over them.

So I started the month off with the first STOIC SKILLS: CONTROL & CHOICE.

The month continued with me having to recognize the value of EDUCATION and FOCUS, to value learning above all else, and getting rid of things that don’t contribute to my development. Was it hard? In some ways yes, having to put my attention of bettering myself has been a challenge, because of all the distractions. But I have to recognize that I still have a long way to go.

And each day continued with SELF ASSESSMENT, to understand the innate power of choice, I had to look at the tools that are at my disposal. How to make choices, where to base my choices, to know when I am making my own choices, or when my habits are automating them for me. Again HABITS! They are the demons that plague the STOIC because it takes away the first reality: CHOICE & CONTROL.

Habits remove my ability to make conscious choices, thus removes my power of control. In a lot of ways habits are important, because they filter out the little things of our day to day life, but sometimes they turn us to unthinking beings who just let what we are used to control how we react and thus act.

So the month gives days for meditation (a lot of meditation), and continuing to look inwards and forcing a good habit of vigilance.

I try to teach myself that, and in someways I feel that I have grown. I am no longer angry (as much), and I feel a deeper clarity in life. When one can understand how the pieces fit, decision making doesn’t seem to difficult. Thus, I can definitely say that this month has been a success, and I intend to follow through with the next stage: PASSIONS & EMOTIONS.


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