Daily Stoic | Philosophy is the Cure!

Today’s reflection asks me: “Why did I take up the Stoic Philosophy?”

It’s the same question I got from an Instagram Stoic, and my answer is pretty much straight forward: I don’t want to be a victim anymore. For the past year, I felt betrayed by my circumstances as each event was nothing but a disappointment, or some form of failure that I had extreme difficulty dealing with. I had no successes, and each step I took seemed to just dug my hole deeper.

I complained that life was unfair, that the world is setup to favor certain individuals, and I had neither the advantages or connections necessary to achieve. I blamed the world, instead of looking inwards and solving my own personal problems which kept me from going anywhere. I was neurotic, I was anxious, but I was also extremely narcissistic & entitled. I felt that I had given the universe enough and that at my young age of 26, I deserved to be rewarded. I was blinded to the fact that I had still so much to learn, so much to experience, and the hardships I was experiencing was not unique to me.

I was the same as any other millennial: narcissistic and entitled, and I blamed the world for my short-comings. This way of thinking was like a disease, and PHILOSOPHY WAS THE CURE!

Stoicism isn’t just some platitude I say or preach to feel superior, it’s my new way of life. Even though each blog post gets little to no attention, it (should) not bother me in anyway, because each post is my training towards a way of thinking that allows me control over how I feel, and through it, how I would act.

Stoicism has allowed me to see a world that isn’t chaotic, but one that has rules and has order, and that any problem is brought about by not following those rules.

Stoicism has given me a fresh breath of air, after suffocating from negativity, anger, hate & fear. Now I focus on the ways I could control life and move forward each day knowing that I don’t have to be negative, or angry, or that I need not hate nor fear anything. Because each action is within my control, because my thoughts are in my control.

Stoicism is the Cure to my distress, to my anxiety, to my problems.

I am not a Stoic because I am better, but because I am unwell. And with each day passing, I take in the cure, and with time will come out a better person than I was yesterday.

Today’s reflection is a good way to look at the reason WHY I BECAME A STOIC, because it just makes my conviction even stronger. To live by reason & nature.


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