Daily Stoic | Keeping it Simple

How often do we complicate matters in our life? When matters are really just simple, and our innate ability to see patterns make things worst than they should be.

Occam’s Razor.

It’s a phrase I learned watching an episode of Scrubs, where problems with the fewest explanations are usually the correct ones. When you need so much to explain something, it’s probably incorrect. That’s why conspiracy theories hardly pan out to be true because of how complex the web of ideas come together.

As a Stoic, have I been keeping things simple?

With my encounter with super nationalist online, I have been thinking about how terrible life will be when I do get to Finland, when according to most: It will all be just fine. Sometimes I find myself anxious, about how people would react when they interact with me, and how I might be oppressed because of the color of my skin. Despite all information pointing towards it not really happening.

The simple reality: the chances of being oppressed by racists is so slim, I wouldn’t even notice.

And I have to keep that way of thinking intact, to avoid making things so complicated that I am unable to see that things are simply what they are. That no one can read my thoughts, not everybody is out to get me, that there is no great conspiracy keeping me from achieving.

Life is simple, and everything exist within reason. A Stoic can see how plain all of life is, while still appreciating the beauty of how the relationship between its entities come together in harmony.


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