Daily Stoic | Live by a Mantra (Late)

*my internet was terrible yesterday, so I will be uploading 2 reflections today*

“I’m one with the force, the force is with me”

Those are the lines Chirrut Imwe repeats to himself in times he needed strength through out the movie “Rogue One – A Star Wars Story”. In sanskritmantra literally means thought behind speech, but buddhist refer to it as a sacred utterance. The purpose for some, is for the words spoken manifest a thought.

“I will not let fear control me”

“I will not succumb to these temptations”

“I am strong independent woman”

As we can see, mantras appear in many shapes and forms. And today’s Stoic Thought is about how this could be an essential tool for the Stoic in his journey towards becoming a Wise Man.

As for me, I’ve only really lived a mantra once in my life. It was when I was getting into bodybuilding.

Every morning when I couldn’t get myself to get up from bed, I would recite to myself: “Ano ka ba!? Gusto mo to diba?” which in english means: “What’s wrong with you? You wanted this didn’t you?”. I had to motivate myself to get up and actually be productive, to do my morning routines and actually accomplish something with my goals.

“Gusto mo to diba?”

I wanted myself to actually yearn for the work needed to workout. And the mantra did what it was supposed to, I got up and wanted to do something. And looking back, it is the perfect self motivating technique that allowed to make serious gains.

But as reality set in, the words were lost to me and here I am, starting again.

Maybe I never really wanted it, but imagine the results achieved by teaching myself to want it. And now that I’m a Stoic, and I try to live like a Stoic, I know the power of choice. And the only real choice is how I think, and if I can teach myself to think in such a way that conforms to my goals, I believe I could be one step closer to the Stoic Goal.

So what mantra must a Stoic have?

I’m still trying to give this some thought, because I can’t just pick up some platitude and think it would work. A mantra must be something brought out by principles, and by what we truly believe in, and until I could fully grasp that, any words I speak might as well just be prayers spoken but without enough faith to propel it.


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