Journal | I should have discovered Reddit long ago!

As I continue with my path to learning Finnish, I discovered the LearnFinnish community in Reddit and my need to engage people in an organic conversation is being met! Finally!

My common complaint with regards to learning Finnish is how mechanical it all seems, learning grammar and doing exercises to simulate how to read, write, speak and listen. There is no identifying facial expressions, tone shifting, and other non-verbal cues to help with the development of conversation tools.

Everybody knows the rules, but unless you practice them frequently by communicating with actual Finnish people, there is no way to actually master the skill.

And these, at least I found (in some way) in Reddit.

When the folks there write in Finnish, I don’t understand exactly but I began noticing how sentences were made and I began to copy how they wrote as days went by.

It’s the same technique suggested by Brett McKay when learning how to write better: copying. As you begin to copy the works of a certain individual, eventually their style and writing mannerism will rub off on you as you go.

But I’m not doing as much as I should, because I know I could be doing more to make use of this, but with much like the other things in my life this year, the two weeks have not been progressive.

I didn’t make any major changes, or improved at all. Stalled still.

The choices I have been making aren’t directed towards my goals, and I am still thinking about that. Distracted? I am. So many things going and I don’t know why I can’t focus, so the problem is still boredom.

I’m bored, and I don’t know what to do about it.


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