Journal | Week in the Life of a Stoic

This year I started Ryan Holiday’s book: Daily Stoic. And the goal really is to live the tenets of each day according to the book, and by the end of the 365 days, I will be closer to understanding what it truly means to be Stoic, as one who adapts the philosophy. Like Marcus Aurelius.

I don’t really have a real plan about how to go about this thing, but in adopting stoicism, I have been attracting a better mood into my life. Less angry, thinking clearly, believing the existence of a higher power that brings order into the world.

So today is day 6 as a Stoic. Has anything changed?

I can’t really say for certain, I read the passages, I read Marcus Aurelius, but I feel like I’m still treating them like pointless platitudes to make people think I’m deep. So vanity is still a strong part of my personality, the need for attention, to be appreciated, despite how shallow.

I acknowledge it’s existence, but how to cut it off? How to remove that desire for attention, for fame, for recognition? As a stoic, I must stay away from directing my energies towards myself. I should be part of the natural order, follow the patterns of natural growth and become at pace that isn’t rushed or forced.

SO I have to remind myself constantly, narcissism is a habit, and habits can be broken, it will be difficult, but that’s the way of the world. Accept, and do what is within my power.


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