Journal | I Get Knock Down; The Perfect Workout Playlist

Getting the grove back, but I need a push playing in my head before I could move forward.

What do you listen to when working out? The mix should be motivating, it should be inspiring, so that you can do what you need to do. As a stoic, getting passionate about a workout is a big no, because this can lead to hubris, which in turn leads to me not accomplishing as much as I can. So the challenge is to be pumped without letting the push keep me from seeing the goal.

I keep this in mind as I build my playlist for my workout, and I think I made something pretty nice here:


  1. Eminem – Lose Yourself
  2. Chumbawamba – Tubthumping
  3. DJ Khaled – All I Do Is Win
  4. Run-Dmc – Walk This Way
  5. Fall Out Boy – The Take Over, The Breaks Over
  6. The Go! Team – Panther Dash
  7. Good Charlotte – Makeshift Love
  8. Imagine Dragons – Bleeding Out
  9. Royal Blood – You Can Be So Cruel
  10. The Score – Unstoppable
  11. Scott & Brendo – Somewhere
  12. The Script – Superheroes
  13. Simple Plan – When I’m Gone
  14. Smash Mouth – All Star
  15. Muse – Psycho
  16. Heavy Young Heathens – Being Evil Has a Price
  17. Tauren Wells feat. KB – Undefeated
  18. Walk off the Earth – Rule the World
  19. Eminem – Till I Collapse

I try to mix the tempo & themes just to shake up the rhythm and not keep me in a single pace. Of course the goal is to get pushed, and I’m gonna try this out tonight!


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