Journal | Christmas is Over, New Year Begins.

The holidays have not been kind to me. But I believe I will be fine!

The hardest part of the past few days have been trying to ensure that I was keeping to the standards of my new resolutions which I plan to formally adapt in January 1. But things are not going as planned, for several reasons but I believe being idle has a lot to do with my problems, and I need to fix that.

Having family around really keeps me preoccupied, and this simply means not enough mental energy to focus on my goals. From physical to mental control, in regulating my eating, my thinking, my feeling. The stoic lifestyle can’t be fully implemented around people who doesn’t share my goal of embracing the demands of thinking and living stoic.

To live in moderation according to the natural order. This is hard to accomplish because the holidays are all about excess in the Filipino setting. You have to eat what’s available, you have to drink what’s available; ignoring these means ignoring the blessing given to us. But it’s not about wasting, but regulating, though family can’t understand that.

But with everything done, it’s time to continue trying to live the life I intend to live, with the mental state I plan to have.

Building the habits will be hard and will take time, and the actions I will take to make it happen will be a big challenge, so I need to focus.


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