Journal | What one is no longer willing to put up with?

What’s holding you back?

Raise your standards“, this is one of the most significant Tony Robbins quotes from ‘Awaken the Giant Within’ which is basically defined as: removing the things which you are no longer willing to put up with.

What are the things that I have been settling with, but have been keeping me from reaching the best that I can be? I reflect on these things tonight…


What is holding me back?

Family? Friends? Myself? I think that certain ways of acknowledging certain things about my life, especially now that I recently update my about me page. I was thinking about the way I approach life in general, with regards to the people around me, the ideas I allow to enter my head, the use of my time.

Am I surrounded by people who improve me? I guess not, I have people who are either pushing their ideals to me or are just not engaging me to think about things in a better light. I have hubris rubbing off, and I don’t want to be affected by misinformed ideas, apathy towards my needs, and people using my time to waste theirs.

So I am no longer putting up with people who can’t help me make myself better and use my company without equivalent reciprocity. (#law10).

What is holding me back?

The way I approach things have never really pushed me forward. I become too lax, because I am still carrying that misguided belief that I can accomplish anything without the needed tools for success. I am a big barrier towards my improvement, and I am not allowing that to happen anymore.

So I am no longer putting up with the state of my life right now. I will be more active, I will be more vigilant, and I will grow to be a better person each day.

I am no longer putting up with things that keep me from becoming. I am a stoic, and I am in control of my life.


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