Journal | 3kg down in 2 weeks. Progress…

Physics. One of the tenets of stoicism, which says that nature is world we live in, it has it’s rules governed by god, who himself is nature. One of those rules is the natural order: things happen in their time, not faster nor slower, only at the pace by which they need.

I kept waking up at 3AM to get ready for the morning mass for the last few days, and this really breaks my sleep cycles that I couldn’t get myself to go through a day. But as I did my weekly goal checking, I found that I could actually tick off two goals: Lose 1kg & 2kg in the week.

Considering that I haven’t really given the weight loss some thought, this is amazing! But the next 2 weeks demands another 4kg, So good luck to me.


In other things, I have been reading & re-reading book 2 of The Meditations, and I’m having a hard time grasping the ideas being presented. The ideas of respecting the way of nature, and accepting the unavoidable as part of that cycle. The difficulty lies in acceptance perhaps, where the themes of inevitable hardships must be taken as part of life and not something to be avoided.

But I try to make myself better in order to not have to face those hardships, the difficult people, the terrible circumstances of life.

What then is the way? Face the hardship head on or avoid them? It’s all one way or another just metaphysics, but thinking about how to behave in certain situations is important because it is a good tell about who we really are inside.

I want to be a stoic, it’s not a journey I take overnight, but as I reflect upon the meditations, I sometimes wonder about my capacity to actually achieve anything through it. Sometimes I think, this philosophy is out of date, and can’t possibly mean anything in the modern world. But as I look back on book 1, on gratitude and the foundation of stoicism, which is control; the rules of ancient times are still relevant to modern times.

The situations may be a bit different, and the rules may have change in some ways, but how nature and the natural order works is still the same.

So my progress to weight loss shares the same rule: natural order. I can’t lose weight overnight, and I can’t keep the weight off unless I follow the principles of nature. The garden metaphor, I can’t procrastinate, I have to take the normal steps and face each task as it comes.

No rushing, but at the same time be vigilant. The hardships are part of life, and I can’t step aside and let pass nor can I just recklessly endanger myself by taking things too fast. Nature has only one speed, and I can only move in it’s pace.


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