Journal | Sick Day

I’m sick today.

What does a stoic do when he gets sick? If we peek at the literature, most would just commit suicide. There has to be some other way to deal with the uncontrollable instead of flopping out and dying. So I’m reflecting on the tenets: Logic, Physics, & Ethics; and the answer to what I’m supposed to do is weird.


Physics. So due to some turn of events, I got upper respiratory track infection. Maybe from the cold, maybe from a dirty shot glass from an after christmas party, the fact of the matter is, I got sick. Maybe there is some disorder in the world, and this is the reality that I have to deal with. So, I can’t complain, and I can’t blame the decisions I chose to make.

So, unto Logic. When Sick, Get Better. So I just have to fix up myself, stay hydrated and follow the medication regime. It’s that simple.

Is there anything special about a stoic getting sick? Well looking at the premises I set up, I just have to NOT complain, accept reality and do what I can do and overlook what I cannot. But this does bring up a situation that really concerns me.

Getting sick breaks momentum, it keeps you from accomplishing certain things of the day. For me, it’s working out and reading (learning). Most of the day I was on bed, and confined to watching movies and YouTube videos, and that was a total waste. So learn from this, I have to keep myself healthy.

My take away from all of this is how important the next few days will be. With the Finnish flight date coming pretty soon, I have to be at my best before I step on to foreign soil. Which still scares the hell out of me. The temperature there is scary and could spell out disaster if I get sick from just a few drinks during a night out.

So get ready.


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