Journal | To never appear to be in haste, yet never slow…

I swear to endeavor to have power of myself. 1.12, Meditations.

How do you ensure that you have power over yourself? It’s apparently a lot more difficult that one may initially think. The problem with trying to take control with your life is that you will never have the power to fully anticipate the chaotic nature of circumstance. Certain things just can’t be planned for, and thus the stoic nature of working with what is in your control and accepting the reality of what is not.

Today is an example of a day where things just aren’t in my control.


Today is the 4th anniversary of J & me, and I really couldn’t afford to buy her a gift or set up a real date. Today was also the day before the Christmas Party tomorrow, so we were all busy trying to do our part (some more than others), and I just found that a lot of the goals I set today weren’t followed to the letter.

The result was so many of the day’s tasks went undone and I find myself trying to cram so many things into a few hours.

But I try not to stress, it won’t bring back the time lost and I just have to learn to manage my time better. Of course, I do have some difficulty taking that all in. When you planned something, how would you react if it didn’t work out?

And there comes the failure of the day. I was trying to cram doing 100 squats & reading 2 books, and I’m not sure I can really accomplish the intentions of the task if I hurry. Thus I remind myself of the lesson from Book 1 Part 12, “To never appear to be in haste, but never slow.”

I can’t rush things, and I must always take the demands of the day in the right pace. To not rush, to just progress through things in the speed that nature intends. Even if it means I may have lost a few battles in the day, the war is fought for a longer time. Thus the metaphor Steven Covey used in 7 Habits, of the garden to represent reality of life.

You can never cram in a farm or garden, if you don’t take time to care for your plants, no amount of watering or other fertilizing methods can speed up the growth of the plants in time for winter. To reap a harvest, you have to sow and tend to your plants in the right way and pace.

So even though I did miss a lot of things today, I can just take this as a learning experience and do better in the next season (or moment of opportunity).


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