Journal | The Beauty of Perspective


The theme of the day is becoming and the right side of that equation is anything I set my mind to. Today I made goals, today I accomplished 5 out of 6. Success? To some perhaps yes, but for its just 1 day. I’m trying to set a perspective that goes beyond positive thinking and other cultish platitudes that serve no purpose other than granting delusions. As a Stoic, I’m putting my faith in reality. There will be hard times, and extremely bad times, and dealing with the failure is part of the game.

Covey said that effectiveness stems from cultivating the character, not the personality. And what I have been trying to fix today was that. Setting aside personality (which I have been banking on for years now, charm, wit, deception) and firmly accepting the values of character (integrity, competence, virtue).

I took some steps. I’ve begun recording my day through bullet journaling and today was a nice way to set goals and give incentive to accomplish something.

I’m intending to follow through, as I did set some goals for the month. Time to sleep and meditate on the days accomplishments. 


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