Journal | Fasting on hard mode

No food for 24 hours.
It’s my monthly ritual where I take time to clean out my body by forbidding it all solids and letting the water do its job. During these fasts, I usually drink 2 to 3 Liters of Water to ease the hunger, but for today it may just be even harder, because I plan on doing the fast on hard mode!

This just means I’m making things more difficult by watching Cooking Videos on YouTube. Cooking is one of those passions of mine, I don’t make known to many. But I enjoy building food, just as much as building anything really.
The joy of creation is awesome, because I feel pride in these things that can be compared by accomplishing things.

Completing milestones doesn’t have the same weight to me as building shit. But that’s the reason I’m making the fast harder on myself. I found new cooking channels on YouTube and I just have to learn the recipe.

Tomorrow will be a long 12 hours, because of this.


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