Journal | Personal Finance & Other Things…

I am amazing at money.

That’s why I’m so cashless right now because of how I made the best miscalculation of locking up all my funds when I left my primary source of income for something better. And I regret every moment of it!

When it comes to money, it comes in two forms these days. Liquid and non liquid assets. Liquid is basically cash and all it’s other forms, such as debit accounts, ATM access. Non-Liquid accounts are stocks, insurance, and other assets you can’t immediately use. As of now, all my assets are in non-liquid form, and it has been the hardest year of my life!

But dividends are coming soon, and I will have some liquid assets for a couple of days and I have been thinking about money a lot.


The biggest issue I have with this right now is the simple fact that I do have the tendency to spend away all of my disposable cash, especially with such a long dry spell.

So personal finance must be taken into consideration. To the unaware, this is the concept of balancing the movement of your immediate cash until the next income flow. Which in my case is another 12 months! So how do I stretch my money to last until I get my next pay check in a couple of weeks?

I have no idea. Given the market movements, I don’t know what 5% will look like and I need to give that consideration when the moment comes.

But until I do know, I won’t be putting much attention to it for now. Especially with Christmas coming along, what do I do with the time I have away from school? I’m so tired from going to class and I just want to start working immediately.

Plans range from working out to working out, but those 2 activities (I know it’s only one) is that Christmas in the Philippines revolves around a culture of eating. Starting December 24 until January 2, food will be the main activity of the day. There will be a surplus of pasta, ham, cake, softdrinks, barbeque of different forms, and it’s basically too scary to think that I want to have a workout succeed with that in front of me for so many days.

I have been having weight problems, and it continues to grow with each new day. And that was what I have been giving consideration today. What can I do about it?


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