Journal | Thinking of Daily Meditations

Is the title redundant?

With certain cross roads coming soon, I have been thinking about trying to best establish a routine that will work universally in constantly changing daily schedules. Especially with spontaneous events coming in at random, breaking routine has been a big problem for my consistency. Like the change of schedule every 6 months when I was teaching, or just the lack of structure when I left the University.

But there has to be certain things that I can do despite the chaos of life right?


This routine therefore has to begin with looking at the time that I am absolutely, under no circumstance “available” and the only time I can think of is upon waking up and before going to bed. Can I really be productive during those times?

I’ve tried working in the morning only to find myself sleepy mid-day because of how early I woke up, but maybe it’s just my body not used to that sleep cycle.

But the start and end of the day is really the most “vacant” time for me, because the world is still starting up or slowing down. SO I have been thinking about using this time to do some meditating on the literature that I have been reading so that they can stick to my head.

This can also be a way to meditate upon the philosophy that I have been trying to adopt: Stoicism. And to remind myself of it’s tenets.

And I guess that’s just the thought of the day: Can I control my mornings to make me productive?

It will be difficult, especially since I have been so used waking up 8 or 9 in the morning, so I really have to be vigilant with myself tomorrow! Let’s try it out!


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