Journal | Challenge: Disconnect

I have a lot of ways to consume media outside what people normally do. For example, I love talk radio, because I feel like I’m having a conversation with people who share my interests. And one of these talk radio is from the ‘Art of Manliness’ Podcast with Brett McKay.

AOM has been part of my commute for years already, and it has allowed me to discover a lot about being Manly. Not in the generic (and often time obnoxious) Alpha Male, but to the standards of the Modern Man and the progressive society. With the changes in times, the very definition of what makes a Man has evolved into something more complex.

You can just check out the website for yourself, but this post is about a recent podcast about disconnecting from the internet.


The title of the show was: #255: The Joy of Missing Out – Getting Control of Your Digital Life. It was based on a book by Christina Crook and was a demonstration of the suggestions in Nicholas Carr’s ‘The Shallow’. And I have read that book before it was a significant in my decision to constrain my facebook life. Thanks to that book, I learned about Brain Plasticity and the effects of Technology on the brain. This led me to deleting my old Facebook account and though I returned later, I have limited my interaction to almost non-existent.

The problem was I still opened it, and got exposed to opinions, links, photos, and videos that either made no real impact in my life or demonstrated the gross miseducation of the hyperinformed millenial. I became more stressed as seen with my previous posts, where I was overwhelmed by the revisionist propaganda in Facebook.

It was only good timing that I got to listen to this Podcast and with my recent adoption of Stoic Philosophy, I have decided to remove Social Media from my life for 30 days.

The goal of this challenge is to eliminate the distraction of social media in all it’s forms for 30 days to break away from the internet. I won’t cut off from the net entirely, just to social aspect of it: comments section, social news feed, twitter…etc. I already uninstalled meme apps, and I am hoping that this will lead to the sense of freedom as shared by the Ms. Crook from the podcast (I should get a copy of that book).

Well, here’s to success!


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