Journal | Becoming a Daily Stoic

I’ve talked a lot about ‘becoming’ in this blog, and the transformations warrant a personal dedication that not many are willing to give in. I myself have to admit that pursuing certain changes have been extremely difficult, and success comes and goes as far as I’m concerned, but that doesn’t mean I stop trying.

Persistence in your goals does come at a price. Because there is only so much that you give in a day, and how many of that is worth while is still uncertain. But what I do know, is that to truly embrace change, one must be willing to give up certain things.

What does things are, however, also remains uncertain.

Today I realized how little time I have in a day to do so many things, and how some of those things, no matter how optional are still important in social sense. Like how I would like to visit a friend because he lost a loved one, but there is no commute convenient enough to bring me there and still make it to my class. I don’t even have enough time to complete my school work which is given daily.

So I ask myself: can I do all that without giving something up?

I don’t think I can.

And accepting that I can’t do everything, or that somethings are out of my control is the first lesson of Stoicism, a philosophy I may have already lived to before but not in any formal sense.

Being a stoic is having “virtue against adversity”, where regardless of how difficult life may be, I can remain happy. That’s why the most immediate image of being a stoic is emotionless, but that isn’t at all accurate.

As I intend to live Ryan Holiday’s “Daily Stoic” starting January 1, 2017, I began meditating on the Stoic Tenets and incorporating them to my other tenets as I build up my ideal image. After reading the book, I feel a little better despite the odds I am going through, and living up to something I already believe in is a little easier than adapting a greater change.

What this means for future me is something I need to monitor as the days go by.


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