Journal | Building My Core Tenets

I was thinking a lot about my future today. Getting lost in taught in the car ride to church, and back, about who I might end up being later in life. What have I accomplished in 10 years? In 5 years? Tomorrow?

I always remember the “Keep the Future in Mind” philosophy, but I never really given it any real importance. I would say: I will be extremely rich someday or I will have built my own Bat Cave. When I was 20, I said to myself that I will be financially stable by age 25, but now at age 27, I’m stuck with all my money in funds or closed off time deposits and practically cashless. What’s the point of being rich when you have to wait 40 years?

That’s a question I need to ponder on with regards to my many insurances and if it is really wise to invest all your money so that you can have money tomorrow. That is if I can survive to see tomorrow given the circumstances. But I’m letting go of the mindset now, I’m focusing on what I can do now.

So where will I be in the future? How often is that question really given weight? The main reason why people don’t actually invest is because the future doesn’t really seem real to them, it’s the same reason why people are impulsive with their decisions, leaving the problems of the future to future them.

So with this mental exercise, I began looking at the model of person I would like to be later, how I want to be remembered, and the immediate image people think of when they think of me. This is like the funeral metaphor in 7 Habits, but I am in the mindset of still being alive, of getting to experience the recognition before I die.

Because isn’t that worth more? The glory you get while alive instead of the memory you leave behind (I won’t be able to experience it because I’m dead)?

Who should I aspire to be? This is the question that sparks the organization of the tenets that I have been following but never really written down and reflected on. This shouldn’t really be a problem, but without something concrete to read back over and over again, how can it stick?

So the reason for this post is because I am going to be embarking on a journey of defining WHO I WANT TO BE, by building the core values or tenets that make up the ideal person based on everything I have learned through out the years.



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