Journal | 28% a Day is all I need


If you got a score like that in a quiz, how would you feel? Probably fine, but what if it was right minus wrong? Would you still feel fine?

As I continue this journey towards expanding my financial assets as my leaving on a jetplane comes closer each passing day, I learn more and more about how it feels to handle money personally and without a money manager. It’s stressful and for anyone without the courage to accept failure, they definitely won’t succeed.

So as far as getting to that Aston Martin is concerned, 28% a day should be all I need.

With a terrible decision made 2 days ago, I have to double down on certain decisions and take the mindset of a long term trader and discard the scalper way of thinking. It’s an extremely difficult mindset, especially when trades go down your desired stop losses. But I have to believe in the structure.

But outside the regular trading, other money making avenues should be explored and diversify my options. With the way that the economic situation in Finland might go, I need to really maximize each euro coming in to my bank account.

But I do have a strategy!

If I trade €1 per trade, I could potentially make 28% of my initial capital on the first day. If I sustain that growth for half a month, I could have at least enough money to ensure that I don’t go hungry for the next year. But that is just talking about food, and it’s a start.

The first goal is to not grow hungry in Finland.

So I have to be careful.


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