Journal | All I Want for Christmas is the latest version of MS Excel

I just finished rewriting my feelings for the day in an earlier Journal entry, but I feel that it doesn’t really encompass what today means (in it’s entirety I mean), because today isn’t just about a podcast turned page turner turned paradigm acknowledgement. No, today I have proven that beautiful obsession, and I just found more ways to make it a reality.

FOREX is really exciting! I win $10, I lose $100, or I win $1000 and I lose $100 still. I feel like I’m gambling, but is predicting the movement of economic markets really similar to flipping a coin? The trends charts look like my regressional analysis charts when I was doing research for undergraduate students a few years ago.

And I just have this wonderful feeling when I look at numbers, that I just can’t help but be excited for how I would build my own Fibonacci Analysis charts, how I would draw my trend lines, and how I would just be happy that my analysis came out correct.

At this point, I’m more excited over getting better at reading charts than making money.

Well, when I do start going big on this in Finland, I just hope that I won’t throw away money like I did in my last financial venture into currencies trading. I’d take the stock market anyday, because news about a companies well being is far easier to follow than how an entire country is doing.

But in the past few weeks of learning to trade, I feel like I’m building up my confidence and my discipline is getting better, and I am learning to deal with losses better.

And dealing with losses is a good way of developing character. I try not to be angry and over emotional, I do what a good trader would do, recalculate my strategy and try another way.

That is how life should be. Lose, you manage what was lost and try another way to recoup losses and win. I’m trying to remember that way of thinking with each waking moment.


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