Journal | I don’t hate Facebook, I hate people

So I’ve been re reading Luis H. Francia’s book: History of the Philippines: From Indios Bravos to Filipinos. It’s an amazing compression of the development of a tribal cluster of islands into a realized democratic country. And a lot of people these days don’t have the time to read books, because if they did the burial of Ferdinand Marcos among the heroes of the country would not have happened.

During my re exploration of this book, I just had to go and read on the Philippine constitution’s history and here was a clear presentation of what Martial Law did to the country.


Anyway, my previous thoughts post details a strong point (although not related to the Marcos Burial, that shit is for a more detailed blog later).

Facebook is a nice way of connecting with people, but this also allows for the appearance of the most misinformed and misguided ideas from the assholes of miseducated. As a lover of history, I love reading books on history, it gives you lessons of the past without having to repeat them yourselves.

Such as the lack of perseverance of R.U. Harby that kept him from earning the richest he most desired. So I learned to be a go getter, to never give up on my dreams and to keep on going on a vindicated run for success.

Robert Greene says that the road to power is to assume the pose of Roman God Janus who has a face looking forward to the future, but another face looking back, to reflect on the past and learn from it. And this, I feel has been neglected by the people of Facebook when so much misinterpretations of history is used to skew with the decisions made today.

Ferdinand Marcos is not a hero, he is a dictator who started the Philippines on a path of implosion that no succeeding president has been able to fix up to today.

And when I read the arguments they have supporting Marcos, I just cringe and exclaim in my head: WHY!? So here are some myths to debunk about the Marcos regime:

  1. During the Presidency of Marcos, the Philippines was an economic super-power (FALSE) – This never happened, the Philippines maintained their GDP per capita for a good ten more years even during Martial Law. But this myth arises from the fact that Marcos indeed pursued increased infrastructure reforms but at the expense of the tax payers. Of course the effects of this could be felt later down the line when these infrastructures turned into the White Elephant that they actually were. National spending increased and led to inflation of the National Debt as Marcos increased the national treasury, which in turn strengthened the peso but underneath it all was the rot of crushing debt which the country is still paying now. This was all to disguise the collapsing economy brought about by the restructuring of the Armed Forces in preparation for Martial Law.
  2. Martial Law was brought about by the Communist, and Marcos needed the special powers to handle the civil unrest (FALSE) – Benigno Aquino was already opposed to the increased Military Funding because this resembled the Ceasar like uprising that gave the ancient roman dictator his position of power. This was before his second term, and the charade of economic growth brought by the national loan was the perfect smoke screen for his impending rise. The Communist attacks was simply a symptom of the ever increasing grip to power by Marcos.
  3. Marcos is a War Hero (FALSE) – All his military honors was never documented, and there are no records of their existence. Marcos made these absurd claims during his run for political office, but was never substantiated. Outside the honors given during his burial, he has never held any military honors.

But here are some facts about Ferdinand Marcos:

  1. He basterdized the Philippine Constitution to push his personal agendas. Through out his second term and after the proclamation of Martial Law, the constitution has been amended continuously to give more and more power, by dismantling the power of congress, the representative government was destroyed, and his hold on a dictatorial government persisted for decades to come.
  2. He kidnapped and/or executed his critiques. He was a murderer, and this alone should have denied him all privileges to be buried among the heroic dead of the country. Through out martial law, hundreds to thousands of journalist or outspoken activists were arrested, tortured and killed, hundreds more remain missing to this day. This is a documented fact, and no amount of denial can erase the death of those poor souls.

Ferdinand Marcos is not a hero. And all those who claim it to be so are either delusional or fraudulent, and whose opinions I now refuse to acknowledge as informed or valid. Because they share the same delusions as flat earth activists or climate change deniers. They have a cult-ish way of thinking brought about by skewed personal experience of just terrible upbringing. They are indoctrinated to refuse the truths of the past because of what they “believe”.

They believe that Marcos is a hero who served in World War II.
They believe that the Marcos family is not so bad because of how Ilocos is now.
They believe that Marcos deserves forgiveness, despite being the cause of the Philippines economic downfall, despite the hundreds and thousands of people missing or dead, despite being exiled by the people who suffered under his rule.

The Edsa Revolution happened because the entire country suffered greatly and joined together in harmony to oust a great evil from this great country.

The people who suffered under Martial Law should not ‘Move On’
The people who suffered under Martial Law deserve justice
The people who suffered under Martial Law deserve to see that their suffering were not in vain. And that the person responsible be exiled from the country, never to return.

But the idiots of facebook claim that the victims of Martial Law should move on, that they should just allow the murdering dictator rest in peace, that his wife who stole from the country be allowed to grieve.

The idiots of facebook claim that the supporters of these victims stay out of the conversation, that their perspective about the burial is wrong, that he deserves to be buried among heroes because he was a soldier (last time I checked it wasn’t Libingan ng mga Sundalo [Burial Ground of Soldiers] but Libingan ng mga Bayani [Burial Ground of Heroes]).

The idiots of facebook will argue with same ferocity (or even greater) as that of those victims, despite never experiencing the same pain of having a loved one arrested, tortured and executed.

The same idiots of facebook who have sympathy for a dictator they never met, but appreciate because of lies spread by the family who committed undoing and expect that they be appreciated for their efforts.

The idiots of facebook do not realize the meaning of undoing. That the Marcos’s do not deserve to be congratulated for improving their province. For the same reason you do not thank the maid for doing the bare minimum of her job. This godless family have benefited from the blood spilled by the Filipinos who suffered under Martial Law, and if they over compensate by presenting a governance deemed “adequate”, this does not give the the free pass.

It does not absolve the history of suffering.

But the idiots of facebook who come across this post will certainly have their say to rebuke the claims I made here. But knowing the idiots of facebook, they neither have the patience to read through 1300 words of text, nor the discipline to digest a narrative to get it’s points.

The idiots of facebook will simply read the headline, dismiss the narrative that contradicts their beliefs, and comment on how I am spreading propaganda for the opposing party.

But they are idiots of facebook.

And I have the archives of history to back me up, not to mention the first hand experiences of those who went through the tribulations of Martial Law. They have the belief that something IS although the facts present that they AREN’T.

And to paraphrase Neil De Grasse Tyson:

That’s the beauty about Facts, they remain to be real whether you believe in them or not.


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