Journal | I think I’m finding that beautiful obsession.

Tony Robbins said: “Find your beautiful obsession”

That’s a re-quoting of the message from the book ‘Awaken the Giant Within’. I’ve had this obsession before, where I woke up to a job I loved where I really worked my ass off. Things didn’t work out due to some reasons I had no real control over, and I never found that same fire for a long time.

But with new goals getting set, and milestone being broken and being met, I find myself with one image in my head: TRENDS!

I guess it began with my days as a Statistical Consultant for Student Researchers in the University. I began learning more about statistics that allowed me to actually charge people for my expertise, and it gave me a good amount of money over time and it was awesome! But monetary incentive aside, my main pull towards statistics was just how applicable it was to practical life.

Patterns emerge everywhere, but not all of them are significant. People are controlled by false interpretations of experiences, such as the gambler’s fallacy, and knowing how statistics work allows for a better way to make decisions.

So I really became better with statistics over time, but I never really applied it in real life. But recently, I think I found a way to actually use it. Because I have been practicing my FOREX trading and I have been getting the hang of it.

And my knowledge of trend recognition and movement has given me some wins for the past few weeks and I did profit! Now when I wake up, I just can’t help but look at my MetaTrader and see how my previous positions are doing, if I am making money or losing. If I need to modify positions or buy new ones, and I have been learning about it more and more everyday.

I can’t stop thinking about what this means for me in the future. And I guess this is my beautiful obsession now. How do I gain from this? How do I make a living from this? How do I become better?

That’s the beautiful obsession. When it’s not just about staying at a good place, but striving to become better, to continue growing, to never be satisfied.

And where has this obsession brought me? I began setting goals outside of it, because trading means one thing for me: Freedom.

Freedom to travel, to learn, to experience.

So I began working out again, because I think if I can be this obsessed, why not channel that into other things? I began reading again so that I have new avenues of thought to follow through when I do succeed in trading.

The focus explodes and I just need to bring it into other things as well, and that’s the thing about being totally invested in something, the follow through scatters!



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