Journal | NLP & Other Books

Now that I have some down time, I think it would be healthy to do something productive again like I did in the past weeks. Read!

One chapter a day, let’s do that several time and hopefully I can learn something new right now. The problem is that most non-fiction books I have been reading are just terrible. So I am having a hard time picking books on history, biographies and other non-novels, maybe to enhance some skills, or just learn about something.

I have been searching for somethings, and I got a copy of NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming by Fred Cremone, and even though it’s not the best written, it was decent enough that I could sink my teeth into it.

NLP is a self help method of modifying behavior through changing word associations in response to certain emotional triggers. Basically, if you hear: “No”, instead of going: “WHY NOT!?” you go “Alright then.”

It’s a lot more complicated than that, but that is basically the gist of it. And I do believe that I have had the tendencies to over react to certain situations and become paralyzed to other options. It keeps me from actually moving and doing something, like about my blogging.

I see mixed receptions on my social media pages, I just get discouraged. Saying: “What’s the point?”. I try and it’s not getting the response I want. But that’s the kind of mental state that keeps me from becoming something more. It applies to a lot of things in my life, and it needs to stop.

And controlling my emotions is important.

Even though I have the Ikigai goal, I won’t be taking any steps towards it unless I can get rid of my hurdles, and I think that’s what the NLP can do to help me.


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