Thoughts | The Biggest Mistakes in DC Rebirth

I think I’ve mentioned in a tumblr post when it was announced, about how Geoff Johns did some major pandering with the direction of DC with the new rebranding after DC You which was Rebirth.

As a fan, the message I got from the video announcement was:

“Alright! New 52 didn’t work out because instead of respecting the legacy of the characters but more in tune with a modern audience like Scott Snyder in the Batman titles. And the pandering with Convergence didn’t work out as well (because the build up led to an ending that made every story pointless), and DCYou is just us telling you that we’re giving up on creative narratives. But don’t worry! Everything wrong with New 52 will be surgically removed but without the anesthetic to help reduce the pain. And we’re calling it Rebirth

But as I got to read the titles since Rebirth, I have to admit I’m pretty surprised. Instead of having another cosmic event that restarted time and space, the DC Universe actually took the New 52 stories and transformed it into something actually interesting. Hardly anything was discarded and the stories of the previous years since New 52 remains relevant. And I have to give credit where credit is due, and DC did an amazing job thus far.

Though it isn’t all praises, as Rebirth made some painful story decisions that just made me wonder: “why did that happen?”. SO this post is about those poor decisions DC made with the narrative of Rebirth so far.


  1. Speed Force Ex Machina – Titans and the Flash got us  Wally West back, the red head speedster whose faith became unknown and we got a different Wally West as Kid Flash. And just like everything else affected by the Speed Force, anything that needs a coherent explanation gets the Speed Force Happened reasoning. I was hoping for a better use for this concept instead of a “warp space time and anything can happen” story, because it’s just too lazy. Now with the Speedster Army that negated everything that led to the birth of the Flash (because apparently anybody can be speedster now), the resolution with the current storyline for Titans and Flash must have another story telling device instead of “oh the speed force ate Godspeed” ending.
  2. EVERYTHING YOU KNOW IS A LIE! – Diana finds herself unable to find Themyscira and is slowly getting hints that everything she knows is a lie. This is an interesting way to negate the: “Child of a God” nonesense that was written in New 52 as her new backstory. But so much has happened since then, and I can’t comprehend how Diana managed to go through everything, specially since that back story is pivotal to the ending of Darkseid War and the Darkseid baby. Maybe this will lead to something more coherent, but a couple of months in, I’m still confused! And when you have several issues in, with no central idea other than “everything is a lie”, the writers are doing something wrong.
  3. Lois who? Oh she’s dead now – I hated New 52 Lois Lane, I hated New 52 Superman & I really hate New 52 Clark Kent. That entire series was terrible from start to finish, and the Justice League line: “So what can you do?” is so memorable because of how much I hate it. I grew up to Dean Cain and Christopher Reeves as Superman, and that image was the standard for Superman and his side characters to me. But with Lois Lane doing her best to become completely unlikeable was the main reason I could never stand reading Superman. But with New 52 Sups dead, pre 52 Clark steps in to fill his shoes and that storyline was amazing and I am really invested with Action Comics and Superman right now. But now we have 2 Lois Lanes, how can they fix that? By doing the most anti climactic death of all time.
    N52 Lois Lanes gains powers and become Superwoman along with Lana Lang. They seemed like the odd couple, but I was interested in how the writers would interpret this theme with Lois and Lana, but then she’s dead. Vaporized by Bizzara, now it’s up to Lana to fight off this new threat. And later, Lois White takes over Lois Lane’s life, and we get the canonical Lois + Clark in the Superman story.
    The problem here is that: she didn’t put up a fight, there wasn’t enough time for any chemistry to be built between Lana and Lois for me to care and I’m left wondering is this really how they wanted this to go. Because I was bored by the end of the page… Just poor writing decisions right there.
  4. Guess Whose Back? Green Lantern – Sinestro has taken over the center of the universe to replace the lost Green Lantern Corp. But Hal Jordan still remains and it’s up to him to restore the Corp through a complicated plot involving a cross over between The Green Lanterns Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corp titles, where they discover some powerful device that could restore the Corp. But poof, the Green Lanterns are back. No explanation, just “Ta Dah!” they be back and no explanations necessary.
  5. Abra Kadabra – And we go back to entry #1, Wally is back and some sinister force was the reason for the anomaly in the speed force. Surely it must be someone so powerful that it would require the entire roster of the DC Universe to fight back. And we get a magician…

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