Journal | Become Scott Adkins???

“I am the most complete fighter in the world!”
– Yuri Boyka

I can’t remember how I got exposed to Scott Adkins, all I know is that he is my favorite action hero outside Superhero Movies, because he is without a doubt a super being. He was an inspiration until I got lazy to workout (for various reasons), but with Undisputed 4 coming out (or came out?), I’m getting motivated again.

And like a lot of motivations, this might just pass, but I’d take it.

Who knows where a little push can bring you?

The little push can mean a lot, when I discovered Kris Gethin, I had the best year of my life, I was fit, I was strong, I was actually not slob. For whatever reason that year passed, and I’ve been trying to reclaim it ever since. But I was obsessed then, I was craving for that next workout every morning, and I couldn’t face the rest of the day without doing a couple of sets, whether it would be a Pull Down, Bench Press… whatever. I needed to do it!

I wasn’t thinking about fitness, sex, or strength. I was only aiming to be Kris Gethin!

That desire can bring one anywhere one wants to be. And this brings me to “Think & Grow Rich” where the mere act of Thinking could give anybody anything that they want.

And I have been obsessing about something lately.

And that is the FOREX market. In the past 10 days of practice, I have made $2800+ with a capital of $5000 thanks to 1.00 volume trades. Impressive? I don’t think so. In that same time I’ve lost almost the same amount, because I have only been doing social trades with no real strategy or anything. But I have been educating myself, and exploring ways to actually improve my trading to actually make my plans come true later.

I don’t plan to earn €1600+ a month for the next 5 years, I plan to make €600 a day and increase it exponentially over time. I want to increase my monthly income by %50 with each succeeding month. I want to have financial independence before I have my first kid.

It may seem like I’m just after money, but I’m after what money represents. It represents J’s ability to pursue her acting career, it represents my ability to raise our kids with the attention I wanted, it represents a future where my parents can get the best health care in their golden years. I just want to spend each day unlike the people I’m surrounded with at work, always complaining that they have no money while waving around their expensive phones, or how they don’t take home anything from their pay cheques right after they come from vacation in those expensive resorts.

This obsession can take me somewhere, and I want that same obsession in my body. Where I would wake up and the first thought is how to become Boyka, to be as agile as him, to be as strong as him. And I need to think about that constantly, to become Boyka.

I have to put that into mind as often as possible. To think about it so often that it won’t leave my head ever, that it’s all I am going for and that a good portion of my mental focus is spent on that.

How does Scott Adkins think? What would he do in certain situations? How would he react when approached with certain problems?



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