Journal | 100+ views in the past 3 days?

So I think my blog is already turning up in Google more frequently, as I have had more referrers from Google in 3 days straight! What does this mean?

Well, my content is getting advertised better and I’m not churning out content. So I have to make more to have people go to my site and click stuff. But I’m not really in the best mood to be producing guides which is really the bulk of my traffic. The time needed to make my Prison Architect Guide took my hours to make, from arranging the images and writing it up as well.

I was thinking of my making a guide to build the inescapable prison, but I don’t have the images needed to build it. Maybe later.

Though this gives me an idea.

As soon as I have a solid consistent routine at Finland, I can build my guides, build my websites and actually start doing what I like doing. I just want to play games, make videos, write blogs, work on the internet in general. And it’s hella hard! Starting from nothing is making things difficult, as I do need money to buy a better PC set up that could record video, a better office environment and other things.

Or am I making excuses?

That’s a thing that I have been considering, and maybe I am. But with so many thoughts invading my head, I’m not sure I could focus long enough to execute what I need to execute.

When I start writing a blog, I get mental hurdles that stop me from doing any more. I get distracted and end up doing something else. I can’t even watch a movie without looking at my phone and checking out what’s happening.


How do you do that?


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