Journal | Action flows from committed decisions.

So I’m starting to write on other platforms, please check them out: What it means to “Take the Road Less Traveled” & “IKIGAI, A Japanese Approach to Happiness“. So taking a chance to explore my writing opportunities, to find a bigger audience does matter. What’s the point of writing when you have no one to read what you write.

This was but one of the things that I am thinking about lately. To expand my writing, to work on my body and other things. I do make a lot of plans, but executing them never really happens. And I just go back to my previous post about how decisions are never really decisions until action flows from them.

I have made some decisions lately that did have actions flow from them. I began waking up earlier, and it does give me heavy head aches every morning that persists all day so I have to make it a habit to get rid of the pain.

But other decisions that should matter?

I haven’t been managing my weight as I planned, I haven’t been reading up on my Finnish as I also planned. And I need to really motivate myself to get on to these things. But how?

Again, Tony Robbins just says that action should flow from it. If I say I’m going to do something, I should do. No hesitation, just action. Time to see if I could.


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