Thoughts | Splinter Cell Games gone from Uplay Store

It was Double Agent that first peaked my interest into the Splinter Cell franchise. Sam Fisher goes deep into a terrorist group to take it out from the inside, where he must balance his actions to maintain his cover and keep the trust of the NSA.

The story was compelling, and the mechanics taught me that there was more to stealth games than just sneaking up behind people and taking them out. And I like replaying Double Agent, but as the next operating system rolled in, it became almost unplayable. And I just shrugged it off, and moved on with my favorite Splinter Cell game: Conviction. In the aftermath of Double Agent, Sam goes dark only to be pulled in again as Third Echelon may have made a turn into terrorism thanks to new leadership. It’s up to Sam to take down Third Echelon and save the United States from a threat from the inside.

And it was my favorite Splinter Cell game because it was fast, and it made me feel like a ninja because unlike the previous games, this was more action oriented as compared to stealth. But it required a persistent internet connection (which I didn’t have at the time), and come present day all support for the game goes away.

And why? Because Ubisoft hates it’s fan base.

Splinter Cell isn’t as popular as other Ubisoft titles, so after it’s release, fucks go away and the games are left to rot. Because of poorly executed DRM, Conviction has become unplayable to a group of players who bought the game through Steam. And this means that both Steam and Uplay have to be up for the game to work, but this isn’t really streamlined well by Ubisoft which led to an unplayable game.

So just cut out Steam and get it directly from Uplay? Not going to happen, as of the writing of this post all Splinter Cell titles are gone from the Uplay Store. Not a trace, and a search will just lead to a blank query result.

And all I can infer from this is that Ubisoft may be trying to erase Splinter Cell from existence. But why? I can’t understand why it isn’t archived or made available for free so that the fans who care and have the technical skills can make the game playable for future generations.

Despite sales, Splinter Cell has been part of gaming history and to simply rid of it is just depressing. Now, I can still run Splinter Cell Blacklist but for how long before the game becomes unplayable as well?


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