Journal | I am the (K)Night and other things.

I guess the best way to update my challenges would be to only post them on the blog if I ever did accomplish any of them. That would save me time from making formats and just get down to the writing.

And writing, yeah… I haven’t done much of that lately. Despite having all the time in the world. Well, I should get to that soon. But quickie update: Spent 4 hours in Arkham Knight, and I have to say it’s a big step up from Arkham City. Setting aside the technical issues, the way Rocksteady built on the previous titles and actually make the game more engaging is awesome. If it didn’t have the mass refund scandal during launch, this would definitely have made Game of the Year. But other than playing games, I made $300 after losing $200 on an account with $50,000. So not bad, but when I do start I would have $200 which means I COULD EARN roughly $2-3 in the four hours it took for the prices to move.

But hey… Progress.

The goal when I get to Finland isn’t really to have tons of money on the first year. The first goal is Survey and Stabilize. I already made a checklist of things I want to accomplish by my first year there:

  • Identify Daily Living Earnings & Expenses
    • Determine Net Pay after taxes (AT)
    • Determine necessities (Rent, Food, City Services)
    • Determine Net Pay after necessities (AN)
  • Allocate Pay for the following:
    • Savings (20% of Net Pay AN)
    • FX Account (at least $100)
    • Options Account (at least $100)
    • Send home cash (at least $200)
  • Sustained budget routine for 1 year
  • Plan next step…

That’s as far as I have gone, and these are mandatory. The FX account is for long term, since I do plan on staying there for life.The Options account is for short term, that will allow me to increase my earnings by at least 10 to 50 euros a day. The savings is of course the safety net that will make sure that I don’t just end up penniless one day because I don’t have a job.

So far so good, I have plan. I just need to stick to it, and I should be fine. The question right now is: Can I follow through when I get there?


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