Journal | Learning how to cook and other plans.

Challenge Progress:
Books read: 2/10

Things are still slow right now, with nothing much going on in my life up until that big move to Finland. It’s still a few weeks away, and I can’t be sure I’m ready as of yet. I’m still physically disadvantage, my mental health is still on neurotic, and there are just so many things to consider before that day I get on a plane and leave.

But to keep my head busy, I’m looking up things I could learn to do (or do better) now that my time is totally open.

So cooking. Not that I’m a bad cook, I actually cook pretty well. But I think my repertoire needs some expanding, thus the need for some recipes I could try out within my budget right now. And burritos are the answer!

I learned how to make tortillas, now it’s just a matter of trying them out and building myself a darn good wrap to give to my girlfriend. (I like feeding her). But other than that I’ve began browsing Amazon a lot lately, and I’ve began practicing my FOREX trading a lot more as well (I made $360 in virtual money). I have so many things I want to do when I get to Finland, especially since I will be stabilizing my life there and I can begin doing things that will build my future.

Even though it’s still a long way away, I still want to plan things out. Better be ready for the life there, because I have no idea what I might just encounter.


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