Journal | I need a Pick Me Up

I know it should stay as a learning experience, but as I look towards the future, me failing at making things work with money matters make me worry about my ability to carry out my plans. Am I expecting too much? Did I set my hopes up too high that I ended up getting too close to the sun and burning? I don’t know… 

But with each passing day since then, I have been anxious and have less spirit than I did prior. I was excited, now I’m not. And my blogs show that.

But I did set a goal, and now I don’t know anymore. Again, I’m tired of restarting so this isn’t another one of those.

I’m just making new plans. And setting my priorities straight, because as of now I will fail the 10kg weight loss challenge, but I will try again but with a game plan.

I’ve been re reading Tony Robbin’s Awaken the Giant Within. And regardless of your opinion of the guy, he does give good advice. 

Action: the result of a committed decision. The reason why I acted excited about the trading was because I decided that it will be my way of improving my life. But then I failed, but according to Tony Robbins, there are no failures just results. If I commit to do something and I failed, I don’t just give up, but I re evaluate, learn from my mistakes and try again.

My mistake was thinking a $30 capital would cut it. So now that I know I need a significantly larger capital, I shouldn’t rush this and do it when I have the money.

Next project then… 

I’ll talk about that tomorrow.


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