Journal | Let’s start walking…

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08:21 | So I’m getting lazy and that’s a bad sign, a bad sign indeed. So let’s get energized today by walking around the city for a few hours and see where my feet will take me. I really need the exercise, and this will be good. After accomplishing something, I do have the tendency to stray from following through, and I have no intention of doing another reset on my life as I have did for the past years (as documented on this blog).

But on a more progressive note, I did manage to write a piece which will be uploaded to [My Trending Stories] in a few hours and the link will update here as well.

Anyway, it’s still early in the day and I have a lot to look forward to!

00:33 | So I’m officially side tracking, and this is bad. I didn’t manage to do my walk, I was too pre occupied with other matters, and I had to go attend a social obligation with my friends. Not that I didn’t enjoy any of them, but having accomplished 0 tells a lot about my current situation right now.

I’m finishing this blog at midnight, and all I can show is how awesome my city is in City Skylines (yes, I’m getting back to that game again).


Sure the city is awesome, efficient and growing, I should be more concerned about how I’m spending my days. I have a lot of free time ahead, and I’m not making use of it effectively!

I better get my shit together, and it should start now!



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