Journal | The Problem with Physical Change

Read [ 2 / 8 ] Books by October 1, 2016  ~ 25 %
Lose [ 0 / 10 ] Kilos Body Weight by October. 15, 2016  ~ 0%

21:18 | Another book down! So just a few more to go. With all things considered, I have been able to do just about all of my challenges with little to no problems, except for the weight loss.

In many stories, the part about changing your body is the one with biggest failure rate. No matter who you ask with regards to this, it’s either they succeed or fail, but more often than not they fail. What is it with changing your body that makes it so difficult? What is keeping me from reaching that goal?

Changing your body is more of a battle of the mind.

Well that’s how I see it, with every new plan to go for weight loss, somehow at the end of the week I find reasons not to follow through, and the reasons pile up to the point that I eventually got rid of all my progress and I’m back to step 1.

Obesity is the main symptom of a lifestyle shaped by years of bad habits, multiple bad decisions that piled up into the fat unhealthy mess that I am right now. So when dealing with this problem, I guess I shouldn’t think of this as one bad habit, but a chain of bad habits that I have to break one by one to actually get results.

So think, what are the habits the facilitate the symptom? I have to identify them and attack with concentrated focus to break down the walls.


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