Journal | Freedom achieved, homerun in coming

Read [ 1 / 8 ] Books by October 1, 2016  ~ 12.5 %
Lose [ 0 / 10 ] Kilos Body Weight by October. 15, 2016  ~ 0%

22:12 | Carry on My Wayward Son is playing in my head, because I finally can breath! I can breath, and it feels so good! The last five days I missed blogging because of how stressed I was with Monday and Tuesday’s exam. But I passed with flying colors, and with a rating that I couldn’t believe myself. Yet another testimony to the power of striving for mastery.

Mastery is definitely the secret to success, if you have done something so many times, things just fall into place naturally. And I have been doing things over and over again lately, and it allowed me to pass the exam. But now that I have the freedom to try a new project, I’m stuck…

I’m halfway done with book no.2 now, and so that would be 25% of the challenge in a day or two. But other than reading books, what else am I supposed to do? I think I should go back to working out in the gym, or atleast do a formal regimen I can monitor and maintain just like the pushup challenge.

Being able to quantify your success is important to Mastery, knowing well how you spend your time and how much of that time is used makes all the difference, and with me moving past one significant milestone in my life, I think it’s important to consider the importance of checking off achievements.


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