Do [ 835 / 1,000 ] Pushup by Sept. 1, 2016  ~ 83.5% | Today: 80
Exercise Streak : 0 Day
Lose [ 0 / 10 ] Kilos Body Weight by October. 15, 2016  ~ 0%

FEAR IS GOOD, IT’S what keeps you from making mistakes. That’s a rough rephrasing of another Scrubs Quote from the episode “My First Kill”. And right now, I’m afraid about the thing happening in 10 days. Am I ready? I’m not sure, but everyday will should be a testament to my commitment to finally put a stamp on my goals as: “On Going” and not just “On Hold”.

When was the last time you were afraid? Can you remember? Can you point out that time when you were in do or die territory? What did you do? Burning bridges has a way of pushing people to do what they should do to move to the next chapter of their lives. I thought I did that 1 year ago, but I’m still complacent, surrounded by safety nets that I invented in my head.

And that’s why I’m rarely on edge.

And apparently that’s a bad thing, being unable to keep focus on things that could go wrong makes you unprepared for the worst that’s sure to come.

So FEAR, be wary of the worst, and keep in mind the things that can go wrong, because underestimating the cost of your journey can lead to crashes that you may not have the ability to manage later on.

It’s called damage control. Something I’m picking up as I continue my studies in Foreign Exchange, and I’m getting ready. I realize how much risk is involved, and when you are not in control of your mind and your emotions, it can lead to one bad decision over the other. I need to remind myself, that one lose is just a delayed win, and I need to keep myself in control.

And that is the meta of the day: “Expect the worst, and be ready for it!”

Other than that, I sparked a scary push up circuit, with varying reps today and it feels good! I’m sure I’ll beat the challenge by September 1, and in a few days I’ll be celebrating my 27th birthday! So many things to look forward to in the coming days!


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