Journal | Focus like a Lazer!

Do [ 730 / 1,000 ] Pushup by Sept. 1, 2016  ~ 74% | Today: 10
Exercise Streak : 0 Day
Lose [ 0 / 10 ] Kilos Body Weight by October. 15, 2016  ~ 0%

10:08 | I GOT A LOT OF SLEEP and it feels good not worrying about anything, it did prevent me from posting a blog, but I didn’t do much yesterday worth noting. I was studying some things, getting familiar with the way my goals are supposed to stack up. And I learned a lot about managing your losses.

In a journey of self improvement, failure will happen, and they can stack up. And you have to understand, that failing repeatedly only means one thing: “You are not learning”

That is rough rephrasing of the ‘Paulo Coelho’ quote from the best book ever: “The Manual of the Warrior of Light” which has been retitled recently, but anyway. Failure means your haven’t learned, and it is an indication that you should learn.

That’s what I’m carrying in my thoughts today as I go out into the world again.

21:38 | I guess the biggest push you can get is from irresponsible people who say irresponsible things. I’m not one to take words to offense, but at this point in time, I really can’t have any bad vibes messing up my mojo, and so I am just all pumped to set everything aside and focus all my efforts like a lazer.

So starting today, I have to really shift to high gear and put everything into perspective. I have to be weary of what may distract me and give proper attention to the things that really matter right now.

And this is a big buzz kill, especially now that I am getting a hang of how my trading platform works, and shifting attention from it to my current projects may sting, but it will only take up 1 and a half week of focus. And I know I can do this!

Anyway, starting today it means that a lot more of my updates will be shorter probably, if I couldn’t figure out what I need to talk about. But I’ll try to avoid missing posts, like yesterday where I just spaced on the whole blogging to think about some things.


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