Journal | Just change…

“If you wan’t to be different, then be different.”
– Janitor, Scrubs Season 3 Episode 1

Do [ 550 / 1,000 ] Pushup by Sept. 1, 2016  ~ 55% | Today: 50
Exercise Streak : 2 Days, Mountain Climber Circuit
Lose [ 0 / 10 ] Kilos Body Weight by October. 15, 2016  ~ 0%

21:01 | CAN YOU MAKE THAT CHANGE IN an instant? Some people change in an instant, and some take years, and a lot more just don’t. But in the end, the change is a CHOICE. That’s what most people should put into their system. CHANGE IS A CHOICE, it isn’t determined by your environment, by your genetics, by your peer group, or by your resources, it’s by your choice.

We know stories of disabled people who are able to live highly functional lives, just by their own determination to not accept their circumstance and take control of their lives.

And that’s today’s mantra. CHANGE IS A CHOICE, you choose to be affected by life, or you choose to affect life.

That is not by any means easy, but completely do-able. There are times today, that I doubted that mantra, when I would just keep on blaming things for what is happening to me, why things just won’t go my way. But I have to remind myself, there are aspects I have total control over which will allow me to make my changes.

For example, I woke up late. AGAIN. And as I meditate on the commute about how terrible the day is going, I do have means to make things go to my favor. It begins with accepting that I have control over my life, that I can do that it never happens again. I could just cut out the crap that takes up time, watching TV, getting distracted by the internet, watching Youtube before and after sleeping.

I have to remind myself, I HAVE THE CAPACITY TO CHANGE, I just have to choose to change. So today, I stepped up my game and did a moderate difficulty Mountain Climber Circuit (10 reps by 5 in between 10 pushups). And I actually feel the burn now, and I’m pumped up again. Getting that motivation is hard, but I have to dig in, because the only one who can beat me now is me!


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