Journal | I DID A WORKOUT!

Do [ 500 / 1,000 ] Pushup by Sept. 1, 2016  ~ 50% | Today: 30
Exercise Streak : 1 Day
Lose [ 0 / 10 ] Kilos Body Weight by October. 15, 2016  ~ 0%

20:53 | TONIGHT I DID A BACK SET with the barbell, and I know that I could still do better tomorrow. But it’s a start. I haven’t done a real workout for a while, and getting the blood pumping is good.

  1. Power Cleans : 10 by 4 sets
  2. Romanian Deadlift : 10 by 4 sets
  3. Upright Row : 10 by 4 sets
  4. Deadlift : 10 by 4 sets

Now, this really didn’t include any weight changes, but I’ll do some pyramiding maybe next week when I finally adjust to the rhythm of things. But still, I generally feel good. Maybe it’s in the change of atmosphere now that f*** face isn’t the one in front of class anymore, but I should be wary of the examination in a few weeks.

My preparation for the many things I want to accomplish isn’t good enough I know, but I can do them, I have the will and energy, I just need to harness it. So far, focus is there, but I am still scattered in some ways. Maybe it’s the gaming, the tv shows, everything else. I just couldn’t get the beautiful obsession that triggers flow.

But how can you get yourself to move? How do you find that trigger?

I guess that’s a question I need to ask myself a lot of times, but for now, a small spark is okey. Big fires start with just a small spark, I’m just happy there’s progress!


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