Journal | Stay frosty…

CHALLENGE PROGRESS: 380 / 1,000 ~ 38% Complete

23:00 | SO WHAT A DAY THIS IS and I have no idea what’s happening with regards to my curricular life. But trying to focus while having to deal with the moodiest person on the planet is tough way to go on with your life. Today, he was at least trying to be patient, and I appreciate that greatly. And I value little gestures a lot, because sometimes it’s the little things that take the greatest effort.

But setting him aside, I am now just focusing on how to get more words into my head in the shortest amount of time. What how do we do that?

For the past three days, I have been drafting the ‘Ikigai Project’ which I will share here in a few days once I get the post ready. But it’s basically now the blueprint for the big picture change that we’re documenting here.

It’s really the first chapter in the manual to self improvement. And if I manage to actually succeed in the first phase of my journey for betterment, I might actually write the whole book (if I think it’s good enough, I might publish it as well ~ but dreams for another time).

I’ve been trying to keep myself motivated, exploring ways to make sure I’m pushed to try my best in what I’m currently doing. Again, it’s still tough, and getting the ropes down is just distant from me as of now.

But each new day is a new opportunity to fix the problems of yesterday, just have to keep focused!


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