Journal | Tired, oh so Tired…

CHALLENGE PROGRESS: 300 / 1,000 ~ 30% Complete

04:17 | I CAN’T REMEMBER THE LAST TIME I was this tired. At around 7PM yesterday, I was feeling my eyes droop and had a hard time keeping them up. The day wasn’t too special, but I has stressed a whole lot.

It began with an email, surprisingly enough. I had to email the angry guy a sample message in Finnish, and of course I sent the wrong version of my composition 20 minutes before classes would start. So in my panic, I had to revise in just under 5 minutes to make it to the classroom door. It was completely annoying, that I didn’t know how I would continue with the rest of the day.

To make matters worst, he was impossible to deal with yesterday, with some mood swings that threw off the entire motion of the day.

So yes, I was stressed, I wasn’t as composed as I could be, and I guess I deserved the sleep. But this sure made me break my streak, I missed a day’s upload which is totally unavoidable. So I’m making up for it with this one.

This just means that I have to work extra hard today, and try to accomplish something.


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